Student transcripts must be sent to:

NCAA Eligibility Center
Certification Processing
P.O. Box 7136
Indianapolis, Indiana 46207-7136

NCAA Phone # : (317) 223- 0700

What to send to the Eligibility Center:

  1. Official Swedish Transcripts  from the 9th grade  (If you went to a different school for 9th grade, you must go to that school and have them send your transcripts to the NCAA Eligibility Center)
  2. The transcripts for grades, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades can be sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center once your final grades are complete of your last high school year (12th grade).  They can be mailed all together beginning of June and NO LATER- (complete 10th, 11th & 12th grade transcripts)
  3. All Swedish transcripts must be translated into ENGLISH (ask your school counselor as they most likely have translated documents into English many times before) They must be complete, literal word-for-word, line-by-line, certified English translations for all documents in the same format as the original documents are required.
  4. Ask your school counselor to attach both the Swedish & English translated transcripts to the Transcript release form (print the transcript release form after pressing the Transcript release form tab in the main menu of the clients section. All 3 documents…. the official Swedish transcript, the English translated transcript & the transcript release form MUST be mailed together directly from the school. Make sure to fill out the transcript release form correctly, writing everything legible, especially your NCAA ID number you received when you registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center.  That is how the NCAA will identify you and put the transcripts into your NCAA eligibility records correctly. The transcript release form contains the NCAA Eligibility mailing address, so again….make sure you hand in the transcript release form to your school counselor and explain clearly what it is you are asking them to do. THE SCHOOL MUST MAIL EVERYTHING DIRECTLY FROM THERE....YOU CANNOT MAIL TRANSCRIPTS YOURSELF.



          If the school is not able to translate the documents for you, then a  professionally certified English translator must         

  • The English translator must provide a letter, including any appropriate stamps or seals, explaining his or her qualifications as a translator. The English translator must provide full name, mailing address, telephone #, e-mail address, or any other means by which the authenticity of the translation can be verified. Must be provided by a person not related to OR associated with the student or the athletics department at the institution the college-bound student-athlete plans to attend.
  • English translations not in accordance with the above specifications will NOT be accepted.