Coaches - Please remember that Sweden does not take part in UTR ratings. It is not accurate to use that system for Swedes.  No results for Swedes other than ITF's and Futures get posted in the UTR system....therefore most have a much lower UTR than they should or no UTR at all as they barely have any results on there. 

LTI players signed for January 2019

1) Sydney Berlin- University of Florida

2) Ebba Rosberg- Concordia NY

LTI players signed for Fall 2019

1) Oliver Andersson- Gonzaga University

2) Patrik Alvestrand- Lenoir Rhyne University

3) Eric Van Nunen- Lenoir Rhyne University

4) Liam Hedlund- University of Delaware

5) Simon Birgersson- Rockhurst University

6) Oliver Dunne- University of Dayton

7) Filip Tensing- Butler University

8) Johan Garpered- University of San Francisco

9) Minna Kahn- Lindenwood University

10) Philip Nordberg- Barton Colllege


Players looking for Fall 2020 and videos coming soon!

1.Karl Fredrik Utheim ( Top 10 in Sweden) 1380 SAT

2.Sara Salemyr ( Top 10 in Sweden)

3.Erik Särlvik (top 25 in Sweden)

4.Hampus Johansson (top 25 in Sweden)

5. Erik Eliasson (top 10 in Sweden)

6. David Flisberg (Top 25 in Sweden)

7. Agnes Gustafsson (#2 in Sweden)

8. Victoria Carlsten

Nicolas Stromberg. Looking for fall 2019.  

Victoria Carlsten. 3X National champion. Looking for fall 2020. 1170 SAT

Karl Fredrik Utheim ( Top 10 in Sweden) 1380 SAT

Looking for Fall 2020