Johan J  ö  nhagen   (University of Utah)

Johan Jönhagen  (University of Utah)

“Jess Lehnhoff had an amazing college tennis career as a Gator (UF).  Through her amazing connections she made during her junior, college and professional careers, Jess has acquired an incredibly well-respected reputation in the tennis world. She did not only help me choose college and guide me throughout the process, she also used her personal contacts to promote me, so that I would get into the best tennis and academic college possible.  Jess went as far as planning a trip for the University of Utah’s head coach to fly to NYC where I was vacationing.  There, she had a court booked for 2 hours and an excellent hitting partner all set up so that the coach could watch me play.  Furthermore, endless phone calls and e-mails between the head coach and Jess, where she promoted me even more, at the same time giving him an honest and good image of who I was and what I could contribute to their tennis team, all lead me to the streets I am now walking on, the streets of the University of Utah. In addition, Jess was also my coach back home in Sweden (SALK), and she has been without a doubt, one of the best coaches I have ever had in my life.  Jess has had a huge impact in my tennis, and because of her high level of coaching,  I was able to win my first ever National title (under 21) this past February. Greetings from the University of Utah....Make the same choice as me and choose LTI!!” 

Alexander Flink    (Montana State University)

Alexander Flink   (Montana State University)

“With help from Lehnhoff Tennis International I was able to sign and receive a scholarship from a school that was beyond my hopes. The great thing about Jess Lehnhoff and the help you receive is that you feel that she really cares about you and your tennis future. She strives to get you into a university that fits you as a person. She helps you with everything from the preparation for the TOEFL and the SAT, the NCAA registration, the filming/editing of the high quality video and so much more. And it´s not just help over the phone or email. You actually sit down face to face and get help one on one which develops a relationship which is amazing. As an international player who is interested in playing college tennis, it´s not easy to know every little detail you need to do, it´s hard to know all the steps in the process of making your dream come true. Lehnhoff Tennis International answers all of your questions right away and you always feel that you are on the right path, giving you peace of mind throughout the process. Deciding to hire Lehnhoff Tennis International was a great decision which made the process so much easier and smoother. Without the professional help and support that I received, I´m not certain that I would have been offered to play for such a good school. It was definitely money well spent and I recommend it to everyone who wants to play college tennis.”

Emma Persson    (Rockhurst University)

Emma Persson   (Rockhurst University)

“The process of getting signed to a university in the US is very complicated and demands a lot of time. I started the process on my own and realized how much of a jungle it was and how I was really just fumbling around in the dark with my parents. I heard about Jessica and her services, however, and contacted her for help. She has helped both me and my parents understand the process better while she has guided us through it in an organized way. With her experiences in the field of US university tennis, she provided confidence, knowledge and security for every step along the way. Jessica has been service-minded, always available, prompt with thorough responses to questions and so on. Throughout the process she has also taken initiative, followed up and always made sure that we were moving forward. If I were to do this all over again, would I contact Lehnhoff Tennis International? ….. YES, ABSOLUTELY!”

Carin Runefelt    (University of Iowa )

Carin Runefelt   (University of Iowa)

“LTI made my college application process the best it could be.  I could not have asked for better help with everything from contacting coaches, keeping in constant touch with them, and getting valuable information about different schools, among other things. Working with LTI is definitely more than worth it as you get that personal help from Jess who is extremely committed to finding the best choice for you!”

Milos Sekulic   (ATP player, ranked 643 singles, 338 doubles)

Milos Sekulic  (ATP player, ranked 643 singles, 338 doubles)

"Jess is one of the best coaches I have had the pleasure of working with. She is very passionate about her work and has a fantastic eye for detail."

Lucas Renard   ( ATP player, ranked 672 in singles)

Lucas Renard  ( ATP player, ranked 672 in singles)

"Jess is one of the best coaches I have had in my lifetime. She has a great work ethic and has a great feeling for what exercises to put into action. Her overall tennis experience is very high and she is extremely passionate about the work she does. I give Jess 5 out of 5 stars. "           

Iris Raileanu  ( Cal State LA )

Iris Raileanu ( Cal State LA )

“I am so thankful for Lehnhoff Tennis International for helping me choose Cal State LA and for introducing me to the coach there.  Thanks to LTI, I ended up with an amazing team and University adding to the many reasons for this season having been a wonderful experience.  I cannot be happier with where I ended up.  After my previous college experience (before I had known about LTI unfortunately & did it all on my own ending up with me transferring), I never thought I would be able to find a University that fit me so well.  LTI made that happen for me, and for that, I will be forever grateful. THANK YOU!"  


Gustav Åkesson  (Hofstra University)

Gustav Åkesson (Hofstra University)

“The experience I had with Lehnhoff Tennis International was the best it could be. With the help of Jess I was able to sign and get a scholarship for a division 1 college which was beyond my expectations when we first started with the process. The great thing about LTI is that Jess is so dedicated to find the perfect school that fits your criteria and you as a person. She did not only help with the recruiting process as such but she also assisted and supported in a broader sense. From tutoring for the different tests, SAT and TOEFL, to motivation and preparation for college tennis. I definitely think it was well-spent money and I recommend LTI to everyone who is interested in playing college tennis. It will be hard to find anyone more committed and successful than Jess.”

Axel Oljons    (Top 10 in Sweden, National Doubles Champion)

Axel Oljons   (Top 10 in Sweden, National Doubles Champion)

"Jess has been my coach now for 3 years.  She is a coach full of energy and engagement. This really helps me when I compete in tournaments as well as in practice. She always tries to make every player the very best that they can be and it’s easy and fun to work with her. You can really tell that Jess has a lot of experience from her own successful tennis career. Because of her high level, she truly knows what it takes to beat top level players. As a coach Jess is fantastic at being aware of every little detail in your tennis. If something feels weird she can immediately point out the problem. I’ve had a lot of coaches in my life but no one has even come close to seeing every little thing in my tennis the way Jess has. Last but not least she really cares about her players. Jess gets almost as happy as I do when I do well in tournaments or make improvements in my tennis. Jess has really helped me to develop my technique in all of my strokes. I went from being very insecure with my strokes before I worked with Jess to now being very confident with my game when I step on the court."

Marcus Vidgren  (University Of North Carolina Greensboro) (UNCG)

Marcus Vidgren (University Of North Carolina Greensboro) (UNCG)

"Jess helped me throughout the complicated process of going to college in the USA. At first i was struggling with the college process on my own, but with the help of LTI I was able to sign and receive a scholarship from UNCG. Jess did not only help me to choose the College with a perfect fit for me but she helped me throughout the whole process and used her personal contacts to promote me. As an international player who is interested in playing college tennis I would truly recommend you to contact Lehnhoff Tennis International. Not only because Jess has great contacts but also because she helps you throughout the entire process step by step and guides you in a very organized way."

Nils Akesson    (Skidmore)

Nils Akesson   (Skidmore)

"The help I received from Jess was the best it could possibly be and for this I am extremely grateful. She has contacted numerous schools and picked out those who fit me the best as a person. She has guided me
through this complicated process so that I managed to get into a great school. What makes Jess stand out from the rest is that she is extremely dedicated and passionate, you’ll definitely notice that she wants the
best for all the clients at LTI. She really cares for your academic and tennis future. Jess has not only been an amazing counselor, she has also been a fantastic coach. She has developed my game more than I ever expected. She has corrected minor flaws in my technique that no other coach has noticed before, which have had a major impact on my game. I can honestly say that I am very happy for contacting Jess and I would definitely recommend LTI to everyone who is interested in playing college tennis."

Daniel Hammarstedt  (University of North Carolina Greensboro) (UNCG)

Daniel Hammarstedt (University of North Carolina Greensboro) (UNCG)

"As a Swedish tennis player with the ambition of going to play college tennis in The U.S, I feel that contacting Jess was the best decision I could have ever made. I'm very grateful and without her help, I am not sure I would have found UNCG. What makes Lehnhoff Tennis International so special is that it is run by such a passionate and determined person. With her own successful college career and a history in professional tennis, Jess is able to provide you with the help and advice that other recruiting services could not do.  I feel as though I have been treated very professionally and with personal reception. She truly strives for what's best for especially YOU, which I have appreciated greatly. Thank you so much for all of your help Jess!! "

Axel Fries  (Davidson)

Axel Fries (Davidson)

"I will never regret choosing Jess Lehnhoff to help guide me through the college application process. Having a lot of experience from a very successful college tennis career, her list of contacts in the college tennis community is extensive and she knows just what coaches want to hear about incoming players. Her dedication and commitment to each and every client is tremendous. She forms personal relationships with us and does not stop working until she finds the perfect school that matches our requirements. I really appreciate everything she has done for me and I would not be going to such a fantastic school if it weren't for Jess."

Patric Toren  (SCAD Atlanta)

Patric Toren (SCAD Atlanta)

"To know that someone who has been on one of the very best college teams in the world I came in with very high expectations on Jess. Even though my expectations were immense Jessica has delivered over them. As soon as I took my decision and started working with her I knew I was in the right hands. Jess and I were in contact the whole process. In the beginning she made sure I was signed up for all the different tests that were essential and even offered to lend out some books to study. Later on my trip towards college Jessica constantly interacted with me, not only about what the colleges thought about my application video but more importantly also how I felt about the different college alternatives I had. With every step proceeding she asked me in person what my reflections were so that there were no misunderstandings. By considering all the different options she had handed to me I knew how much work she had put in to it. From the myriad of schools Jess has contact with (division 1,2,3 and NAIA), she handpicked a multiple of that would match me the best. Of the schools that replied to my application video, Jess fluently set up skype calls with the schools that caught my interest the most. It proceeded smoothly. It is currently April and we are still in contact constantly, right now Jess has guided us to a site witch cuts the costs for college additionally (governmental study aid). Finally I just want to reiterate how much of an help Jessica has been for me, from answering simple personal questions to her professional judgment of what schools to contact and attend."

Ludvig Hallgren  (University of Montana)

Ludvig Hallgren (University of Montana)

"I’ve long had an ambition to play college tennis for a Division 1 ranked school but I was not sure where to start or what to do to make that possible. I decided to contact Jess and LTI to get help with the complicated process and to find the perfect college for me, this proved to be a great decision and I would absolutely recommend the services that Jess offers to anyone looking to play college tennis. She was always reachable when I had a question and really cares that the college would fit ME in particular, she even got two coaches to offer me a trip to the US to see what the colleges were like. I am really excited to enroll at the University of Montana this fall to improve my tennis further. Thanks Jess for all your help and hard work!"

Isabelle Entenza  (Tulane University)                        

Isabelle Entenza (Tulane University)









"I decided in mid-December 2016, that I wanted to play college tennis. Coming in late in the process and with high expectations of finding a university with both high ambitions for their tennis team and high academic standards, it felt like an impossible challenge. But the solution was close by. At my club SALK, we have Jess Lehnhoff a fantastic tennis coach with her own college experience. There is nothing worth knowing about the process of applying to a college, make a promotion video and having the right conversation with potential coaches that Jess isn’t an expert in. After working with Jess for less than a month I had committed to a great school, Tulane University in New Orleans and now my contract is signed. I’m so grateful for all the professional help and support I got from Jess. Her contacts and reputation among coaches in the US, made it possible for me to have a dialogue with several great universities and find the best fit for me. Being able to discuss the different opportunities and now continuing to work with Jess to prepare for my college adventure is invaluable. Jess is a professional, passionate and caring tennis coach that inspires me to be my best.To summarize, without the professional help and support that I received, I´m sure that I wouldn´t have been offered to play for such a great university. It was definitely money well spent to work with Lehnhoff Tennis International and I recommend it to everyone who wants to play college tennis.  Last but not least, Jess, I’m going to pay you back by doing my best to make you proud!"